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                Wuhan HengZhiSheng Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd.locates at the strand of Yangtze River in Wuhan, is a large business enterprise ,which is unique to be engaged in petrochemical keeping equipments and piping accessories to produce and develop in Hua zhong .The business enterprise carries out the principle of“your need, be we pursue” over a long period of time.Start from the development of the beginning of 90’s, with the public business enterprise and the personage’s help and the support.The busines...【查看詳情】...
            Factory Address:Wuhan Qiaokou Gutian four 47
            Office: Wuhan City, 5th Floor, Block A Huidong Garden
            M S N:whhzs@hotmail.com
            MOBILE:18907182697 13164651337
            Zip Code: 430027